Re: “Uterine prolapse: The hidden agony of Nepalese women”

“The UNFPA reports that 80 percent of the women who went through surgery for uterine prolapse say they ‘lost hope in life.’ Of the women surveyed, 88 percent said the condition was caused by physical violence by their husbands and 72 percent believed they had it because they satisfied their husbands’ desire for sex.”

Intersecting the lines of public health, human rights, and gender inequality– this recurrence of uterine prolapse is so deeply embedded into Nepalese cultural values that I don’t even know where to begin. Womxn are deemed “unclean” during menstruation into childbirth and generationally submit to the social pressures of this patriarchy. Lack of resources. Lack of respect. They are expected to have all of these children LIKE HELLO CAN’T Y’ALL SEE THESE WOMXN ARE IN PAIN?!?! What’s worse is that these womxn are divided by the stigmatization they give and receive– discrimination within the gender binary and an empty void that calls for solidarity to take its place.

Now contemplating on the career pathway that will lead to the disruption and dismantling of oppressive systems such as this one…..

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